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The secret of the Snowy Owl

A story I would love to share tonight, a story that was brought to me by the Snowy Owl…

Once upon a time there was a little girl. 
The girl woke up in the middle of a dark, dense forest. The girl had no clue how it had come here, but it immediately knew that she was far, far away from home.
Fear tightened its grip around the heart of the little girl and with tears in her eyes she looked around. Saw shadows moving in the darkness that could be demons or trolls or worse.
She heard horrible sounds, cold whispers that seemed to come closer and surround her.

She began to weep, pressed her fists on her eyes, then onto her ears.
And the fear, at first a harsh wind through her body, turned into a gruesome thunderstorm that paralyzed the girl.

It was then, when the girl almost gave up hope that she became aware of a tiny light, somewhere ahead, behind the whispering trees and bushes. With the rest of her courage she stood up, breathed in and out ten or twenty times, then ran.

Ran towards the tiny light that, at first like the flickering of a small insect, grew larger and larger and that seemed to draw her towards it. The little girl, still filled with fear and sobbing, stumbled over huge roots that stood out of the cold, cold earth of the forest, bumped against one or two trees and got hurt by some thorns of bushes standing in her way.

Finally the girl reached a huge tree and on one of its majestic branches sat a bird: a Snowy Owl. The Owl beamed, radiated a gentle and comforting white light around her. She turned her head and looked at the girl, making no sound, no other movement. Just looking at the girl who slowly entered the circle of white light beneath the Snowy Owl.

The little girl’s breath calmed and her heart stopped beating frantically and then she looked up and with a tiny, fragile voice asked the Owl:

‘You know the way home, dear Owl?’

The Owl nodded as if she had waited for centuries to hear this question. She raised her wings, rose gently into the dark, dark air and then flew into the forest. Slowly, slowly, so the girl could follow her.

The little girl rushed after the Owl and, full of trust for this seemingly magical bird, trotted beneath the Owl, always protected by her warm, tender light. She still heard the cold whispers in the forest and from time to time something dark, something bulky rustled through the bushes next to her. But she wasn’t afraid any more. By staying in the circle of protecting light she knew herself safe and soon she was aware of a light that she perfectly knew was her home.

As they came nearer, the girl could see the bright light shining through the windows of her home and then she reached the gate to their garden.
She was home, finally! A miracle had happened!
The little girl looked up to say ‘Thank you!’ and froze. There was no Owl above her, only the now starry night sky, welcoming her home.
The circle of light, though, still beamed around her.

‘Where are you, dear Owl?’, whispered the girl.

‘In you, dear friend’, said the Owl in the girl’s heart. ‘I’ve always been in you, sweetheart. YOU are the light that protects from the horrible shadows, YOU are the wings that carry you home. It is always YOU.


(Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash)

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