Follow the Snowy Owl

Take the long way Home…

This post will be on ‘the Path’, the sometimes legendary, often cursed, mostly invisible and yet fulfilling way Home.

But please, dear reader, allow some words on this blog, ‘the Snowy Owl’, first.

I had started with the intention to track down or to chronologically describe my ‘long, dark night of the soul’ that had started in July last year (2019) and still keeps me breathless. But inspiration had other plans and so I find myself writing about experiences that seem to have no logical consequence. And isn’t that what defines the Spiritual Path? Every now and then we feel that we see the logic, the narration behind what happened and happens to us. Only to witness its decay some days later. And then, some day, you decide to let go of logic and narration and to just accept ‘what is’. To be in the moment and cherish this moment and stop caring about some storytelling that describes your life and your struggle and your evolution.

And exactly this is what is happening with ‘Follow the Snowy Owl’.

I cannot write down a ‘guide’ for these dark months or offer a blueprint how to get through. I listen to the Owl and the Owl tells me what to share.

I trust the Owl and so, please dear reader, trust the voice that guides you which is your own Inner Voice. And when your heart is suddenly overfilled with Love, then you know, you’re on ‘the Path’.

The shortest connection between two points is the straight line, right?

So, why does ‘the Path’ not follow this guideline, this axiom? Why do we advance and evolve, only to fall back into our old ego every now and then? Why are the same lessons re-appearing, although we thought we had learnt them? Why is there no ’12-easy-steps-until-Awakening’ available (well, there are, but please do not fall into this trap)?

Well, look at what a river does, from above. Look at the curves and loops, the meandering pattern of how water streams towards the open sea. Water knows what it does, I am very sure and the rivers flow into the sea for eons. So they should know the shortest distance, right?

We were born into a system of competition. More, longer, faster…
You want something? Get it as quick as you can. ‘Waste no time’, ‘time is money’ and all of their kin. 
If you make Love, are you trying to be done as fast as you can (well, I fear some do)? Don’t you cherish some moments, so they take longer? Take side roads on your trip through the wilderness of an unknown country instead of hitting the 8-lane-highway to arrive as fast as you can?

Well, what if ‘the Path’ is about experiencing ‘the Path’? Not about arriving?

What if we are already ‘enlightened’, we just decided to forget it for a while (500 incarnations or so…)? What if being on the Path is what we wanted, before arriving here? In order to cherish ‘the Path’, to enjoy its ups & downs? Preferring the ’12-looping’ adventure over the simple ‘1-looping’ but ‘over-very-soon’ experience?

What if the long way Home is the better way Home?

Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

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