Journey back home

Human Connections as Medicine

As I write these lines I find myself on a flight back home. I visited Germany to celebrate the end of the year holidays.

On a previous visit to Peru I began to understand and feel something that subsequently gained strength when I was at home. I came to understand the power of human connections; people are one of the most potent ‘medicines’. My time in Germany only confirmed this notion.

Along my path of integral healing I have had the joy of knowing different healing techniques and tools: master plants, Tai Chi, meditation, reiki and sweat lodges. I could continue to swell the list but we are not here to talk about this, right?

The point is that I was ignoring the innate healing capacity that we possess and that we put into practice almost automatically in every gesture of honesty, empathy and kindness we share with others, no matter how simple they may be.

Let me share with you some examples, based on my experiences, in which people have made me feel this healing capacity of which I speak to you: sharing a meal with someone, laughing with others, receiving a hug from people with a different culture than mine, feeling that someone cares about my well-being, listening attentively as someone read for me a fun story and having received up to four times the birthday song…on the same birthday! Now, try to recreate these images in your mind with you as the person who is receiving all of this kindness. How it feels? Great, huh?

Now I see clearly how these types of actions have a profound and positive influence on my emotional and energetic state. In those moments of fullness and peace I have come to think: “this joy is all that I need in life, this is true wealth.”

Although they appear to be simple, these acts have led me intensely to states of gratitude, thus taking me away from the mental noise that produces stress, anxiety, fears and sadness. These acts have helped me become more conscious and to live more in the present moment. This moment, the ‘now’, is where  healing manifests in depth.

I have also felt the other side of the healing process that, although sometimes can be painful or uncomfortable, is more than necessary in order to grow. I have been in situations with people who have exposed my shadows, my weaknesses and my wounds. These manifesting themselves in my life in the form of jealousy, laziness, low self-esteem, anxiety about the future, unresolved traumas about my family and some more (wow, seems that I have so much work to do!). In these moments the magic appeared when the person who had triggered these shadows also provided me tools to work on them. Incredible! Don’t you think? 

At this point, some of you may be thinking “I would like to know more about those tools”. Briefly, I could tell you that I have found that an open and honest communication on how I feel has been the first step to relief the pressure of my shadows. Additionally, some people have provided me  tools such as breathwork, inner child healing, journaling, core transformation, ‘The Work’ and some more. But above all, I would recommend you to work by the hand of a professional holistic therapist and find which tool is the best for you. 

I would like to express my gratitude to all who have comforted my heart with their actions such as a cup of chocolate in the winter or a refreshing smoothie in the middle of the summer. Whether we are related by blood or not, I can call you all my ‘family´. 

Also, thank you for taking the time to read this. I invite you to activate your healing capacity through empathy, kindness, honesty and simplicity of your actions. I hope you recognize all the people who have somehow made you experience healing.

Until next time!

P.S: shout-out to my editor Stewart O. Dunn – @stewartodunn.

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  • Oliver Kyr

    True. Too often we try to find solutions in complex concepts or travel to faraway retreats to find healing.
    Which basically is no problem as long as we remember that Eden lies in our hearts, available in every moment that we share in Love and Trust.

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