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The Way of the Seed

Everything about our existence involves a process…

One of my passions is planting. It is gratifying to consume fresh and organic food grown by myself. In my case, this activity is not only limited to the mere obtaining of food. Beyond this, it represents constant learning of life itself. In plants, I have found great teachers who have shared with me valuable lessons related to time and processes.

 A few months ago, during a night of meditation, I managed to see what these teachers were trying to show me. I remember thinking: “Of course, if plants – which are older and wiser beings than me – respect their processes, how much more should I pay attention to mine”. For me, that same night was born a way to see life more calmly, I call it: “The Way of the Seed.”

In these hectic times in which we live, where everything has to be fast and happen instantly, the seed reminds us of the importance of having enough courage and patience to trust the natural times of the processes. I am not an expert in botany, much less, but I can tell you briefly what I have observed when working with plants.

Long before bearing fruit, a plant begins its process – in many cases – as a small seed. Although for days or weeks it seems that absolutely nothing is happening, the seed is slowly making its way up and down, shaping its root system – it is essential to have a solid base – and opening its cotyledons. Step by step it advances in its process and goes through several transformations. If the conditions are favorable: right amounts of light, moisture, and nutrients; it will eventually mature, bloom and bear fruit. However, there are cases in which the seed manages to thrive even if the conditions are adverse. This adaptation makes it an even stronger plant. This whole process can last from months to years.

I am telling you all this so that you get an idea of ​​the many variables that should happen at the right time and that is part of the path of a seed. Like the seed, it would also be healthy for us to focus on the process that will lead us to obtain a certain result. At this point, you may find that “The Way of the Seed” frames: patience, trust, action, adaptation, and perseverance.

Do not be discouraged if you feel that your efforts are not giving you any results, remember to be patient; the process is simply happening. Do not forget to give yourself the best possible conditions that accompany your walk, be flexible to adapt to the unexpected, make the adjustments that you deem appropriate, fill yourself with tons of confidence and above all perform small and constant actions. Eventually, you will enjoy the fruits of your process.

“The Way of the Seed” helps me to focus my energy when I feel that the frenzy of life overwhelms me. Now I know that whatever adventure I undertake in life like a new job, an ambitious project, a love relationship or a healing path, I can put in practice these teachings that plants share with us.

 I invite you to evaluate how you could apply this in your life; I hope you find it useful. If you stay curious and pay enough attention, Mother Nature will share with you beautiful lessons. 

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

See you soon! 

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