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For all the brave hearts…

This one goes out to 
all the brave hearts 
facing their shadows these days.

Be proud, Brothers & Sisters
for you have decided
to finally put an end 
to ancestral pain and grief.

Be proud, Sisters & Brothers
as you dissolve patterns
that have lived through the centuries
thus enabling our children
to finally break free from 
these bonds & chains.

Find defiance, Beloved ones
in the darkest cave
eye in eye with 
your personal dragon.
When everyone stopped 
believing in you and your powers,
Find defiance
and release a power in your heart
that never surrenders.

Be full of trust, Fellows
as even science finds these days
that we were right.
That generations of pain and sadness
CAN be healed within ourselves.
We are the maloka,
we are the healing houses
we are the hope for a better world
for our children.

We welcome fear
We welcome sadness
We welcome anger.
As we are alchemists
and transform these into
Love and nothing else.

And even though we walk 
through the valley 
of the shadow of death:
We will fear no evil
for we reach out for each other
and walk together.
Hand in hand,
Heart in heart,
Smile in smile
And the Universe walks with us,
In eternal Love.

In deep Love for all of you
Oliver Wyld Rose Kyr
PerĂº, March 2020

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