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Do You Have a Life Plan?

Like me, it may have happened to you that you have received this question from your parents, friends, partner or someone you just met at the last social event you attended.

To have a plan…this must be dissected carefully.

I have come to realize, like myself, that many people around me fear the uncertainty of life. The feeling of “having complete control” of everything “helps” to appease or cover this fear, although this feeling is a mere illusion. I have seen that there is some concern about trying to keep control over all the variables of life, from A to Z, until the day we have to leave Earth.

Is this possible? NO, IT IS NOT! 

The nature of our existence is infinite, therefore, it is absurd to think that we can come to understand and control everything. There are certain moments – which sometimes take too long – in which we feel that we don’t know what to do and what is about to happen. Like when someone is seeking a dream through a certain project but doesn’t know to find resources or how is going to make a living from this dream. Feeling like this is absolutely fine; there is nothing wrong with this. It is at this moment that we must stop, take a deep breath, and allow life to unfold gracefully.

I don’t want my words to be misunderstood…having a coherent plan is very good and necessary. But, before having a plan something that is essential should be acknowledged. Once I was in a hostel and an older man told me: “Before defining a plan, know the direction you are pointing to.” That direction is the essence of what we want to become, what we want to do and what we want to have. We only have clarity about this direction when we establish a connection with ourselves in complete honesty and trust. It is in this direction that we develop our plan; consistent and flexible.

Having and executing a plan will make some things around us come into motion. This movement is the dance of co-creation between us and life; the one that allows life to shape, make the modifications that it deems convenient and finally gives us back its considerations for our plan. This is how the co-creation game takes place.

To make this game as “fun” as possible, it is advisable not to make the mistake of falling into stiffness, because if life were to throw a curve ball at our plan, we may panic and everything will fall apart. It is flexibility that will help us to stay on our feet during storms and will allow us to identify great opportunities even if they may seem to not fit into the pre-established plan.

How many times have we heard people considered successful say phrases like:  “everything turned out very well although not as I had planned” or “I never imagined that I would dedicate myself to this”. It is very strange, with some exceptions, that our plan is fulfilled as we elaborate on it.

Personally, I like to leave  space for “chance”, for those surprises that life has in store for us which in the end serve for our enjoyment or growth. This, for example, happens to me when I travel abroad. I make a plan with a list of places I’d like to visit, food I’d like to try and activities I’d like to do. However, there are days when I say “I will not plan anything today” and just go out to wander. This has allowed me to meet incredible people and have memorable experiences which would not have come if I had followed a meticulous and rigid plan. I see it as a gift box, if I fill the box to the top how would there be room for a pleasant surprise?

You may be thinking, “That’s a double-edged sword.” Maybe it is. Maybe if we do not follow a strict plan, life will surprise us with uncomfortable or unpleasant situations. But paying attention to the big picture we may find that these situations are what we need at this moment in order to grow.

I mentioned it earlier and I would like to emphasize this: our plan must contain our essence, our convictions and our truth. That is what will give us the strength to keep going even though sometimes we feel that the plan is not moving forward. I should mention that it is extremely important that our plan has clear goals that we can evaluate at certain times and that allow us to identify if adjustments are necessary.

Before saying goodbye I would like to make a short summary of the 785 words that I previously wrote: know your essence (direction), design and execute your plan, let yourself be surprised by life and become a co-creator.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
See you next time!

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  • Oliver Kyr

    Very profound and true. Resonates with my own path, based on serendipity.
    But developing that was hard inner work

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