Journey back home

What is your decision?

What a time to be alive, right?

The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked off an individual process for many people and, above all, a collective process for humanity.

Previously, I wrote about the life plans that we usually pre-design and the control that, at certain times, we long to have (or think we have). It seems to me that one of the many lessons that this situation brings us is to let go of all plans, control and expectations. Personally, I had big plans for these months that I will not be able to execute at the moment. So what do I have left? Let go and trust that it had to be in this way.

I am aware that fear and uncertainty have taken over the minds of some. I also know that many have lost loved ones, jobs, and projects. To all of them I send a big hug and a lot of strength. I keep you in my thoughts.

When the pandemic was declared, the first thing that came to my mind was: “every crisis hides an opportunity”. It is crucial to recognize it and use it to reevaluate our habits, foundations and beliefs. There are 3 points on which I would like to emphasize.

1.      Environment:

A quick browse on the internet and you’ll find news about the reduction of pollution levels and of wild animals taking to the streets of different cities. This should be an eye opener for us of how our excessive consumption habits are taking us to the edge of the cliff. It is clear the resilient capacity of the Earth; the planet could exist totally fine without humans. With our habits and behaviors we are endangering our own survival. The lockdown is teaching us that it is possible to adopt much simpler lifestyles where we put aside what we don’t need and that represent a respite for our planet, which needs it so much. 

What would you rethink about your consumption habits? In my country, a meticulous quarantine has been imposed where the departure times per day are quite short and controlled. We have all adapted to making once a week grocery runs. This is a change for many who use driving or pointless errand runs as boredom busters. The air is grateful for this schedule adjustment. 

2.      Sovereignty:

Our dependence on governments and companies has become clear. Some of us have seen supermarkets with endless lines to get in. Lockdown in many places has hampered people’s ability to stock up on groceries and medicines, not to mention the blow to the global economy. At times it seems that we are very much in the hands of third parties. 

How could we start crawling on our own? A good starting point could be getting closer to nature through planting. Whether you have a garden or balcony in your apartment, learn how to grow as many edible herbs or plants as you can. This practice will bring us a little closer to our sovereignty, although this represents a very small step.

In my case, right now I am growing basil, tomato plants, pepper plants and spinach. Although I am not consuming from these plants yet, I know that in the near future I will be able to cook meals with organic home-grown vegetables. This practice is helping me to understand that it is possible to produce some of my food, thus making me less dependent of supermarkets.

3.      Inner work:

It is almost impossible to go outside to get distracted in parks, cinemas, restaurants, or bars. For many people this is extremely uncomfortable. When we find ourselves with fewer distractions we are left with nothing but the company of our own selves and our shadows. This isn’t usually a fun time for most. Some people who find themselves in this situation seek to distract themselves with alcohol, junk food and movies. 

What if we use this time to raise our personal game in several aspects?

The lockdown is forcing us to stay indoors, so let’s enter our true home which is our heart. Let’s take this opportunity to look within and connect with our true selves. We now have more time to dedicate to ourselves. Maybe you have a musical instrument that is more of an ornament than anything else. Use it! Maybe you want to learn how to eat better, take care of your body and spirit with exercise and meditation. Take your first steps toward learning a new language. Start writing a novel. Nurture your mind with good books. Learn to program. Start journaling or any of the many activities that would bring you closer to a more harmonious life. 

This is the moment most of us have been waiting for. Perhaps, by adopting one of these practices, you will discover your true purpose in this life and not what has been imposed on you. The world has changed. The post-COVID-19 era is going to require many people with a clear and firm purpose. So, given this opportunity, why maintain habits of distraction and complacency?

From my point of view, this situation is what we needed to awaken and evolve our consciousness. To be honest, the path that humanity has followed so far is not sustainable. We are sliding down a steep slope of mental degradation with our increasing reliance on unconscious systems that see humans as only numbers or commercial gains. The time has come to choose. We can continue to live in fear, drowsiness and indifference, and guarantee a dark future for the following generations, or we can finally take the turn that is so required and connect with love, consciousness and empathy. Let’s take advantage of this moment to create a more caring world, respect nature and help each other. We are at a crucial moment, so I ask you once more: What is your decision?

With lots of love,

Adrian A. Escobar Z.

PS: I highly recommend, for the betterment of yourself and the world, to choose the second option 😉


  • Eva

    Thank you for sharing! Personally, I have been doing a lot of inner work and also work on some projects I had put aside, like a compost bucket in my apartment. I agree with you that this situation is what we needed to awake and forcefully gain more consciousness of our environment, ourselves and our relationships.

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