Radio Love is a frequency your heart can tune into.
Our webpage is a home for blogs that help us humans to open our hearts and finally embrace all life on this planet (and others…) as our family.
The first blog – ‘Follow the white owl’ – is Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr’s experience with a so called ‘long dark night of the soul’ that leads to major change in how he perceives the world
The second blog – ‘Journey back Home’ – are the reflections of Adrian Escobar while traveling the world and into his own inner realm.

Follow the Snowy Owl
Blog by Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr

Was it Carl Gustav Jung who first named this journey the ‘long dark night of the soul’?
The journey that takes your mind, heart & soul out of the comfort zone and into a day-, week- or month-long nightmare. A trip into the shadows within you that will leave you changed, forever. And no matter what the angels did unto you: In the end you will be grateful they threw you into the dark sea of confusion, sadness & desperation.
Because you will have changed your life, will have left the comfort zone and will be living a fuller, happier life afterwards.

‘Follow the Snowy Owl’ are parts of my personal diary during my second journey into the Dark that took me (and now, in January 2020, I am still in the process) far beyond what I thought I could stand. But also took me to the core of the person that I learn to love from the depths of my heart: myself.

Please remember
There is not THE truth. Never.
There is MY truth, which is what you will witness, dear reader.
And there is YOUR truth, which I respect to the fullest.

And please

If you are in this journey, consider consulting professionals. On the medical level, psychological level and spiritual level. Your intuition will tell you how to decide and whom to follow in trust.

‘Journey back home’
Blog by Adrian Escobar

‘Home is where the heart is’ says the old proverb.

So I could say that this life is a journey back to myself, back to my heart, back to my true nature. 
On this trip I have accumulated beautiful memories, met several people, faced difficulties but above all I keep growing and learning.

In this space I share with you reflections and lessons that have arisen during my journey. I hope that this may be helpful for your personal journey back home.


Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr and his Inga teacher Taita Isaias Mahvisoy

Initial spark for ‘Radio Love’…

How to create words that shine as brilliant as an experience the heart has made?
I’ll try nonetheless…
A chilly night in Colombia’s capital Bogotá in 2019, us celebrating a ceremony with Yagé – one of the sacred plants of the indigenous tribes in South America. Not my first night with this loving and mighty teacher, but when I sensed the spirit connecting with me, my heart and body and all which can possibly be me, was filled with… sudden Love!
I loved me, loved the people around me, loved the city, loved all life on this planet (and possibly all planets there are…). The mind couldn’t grasp what was happening, it was baffled by this storm of Unity and Joy. I was ONE!
And then Mommy Yagé told me I was tuned into a very special frequency, the frequency of Love itself. The mind’s mouth stood open, the heart understood perfectly. 
‘This frequency’, I asked in thoughts, ‘how is it called?’
(We humans love names and categories, maybe my heart took my mind by the hand to give it some comfort.)
‘Radio Love’, answered Mommy Yagé. ‘Keep tuned in, this is the most important station you’ll ever tune into.’
It took me several months (and often for days or weeks I couldn’t tune in) to finally understand that I have to share whatever comes through on this frequency. Share unconditionally, and in full respect for the fact that everyone of us has his or her own truth.
One or the other post may inspire some of you and when you tune into Radio Love…
Please share!!

Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr, December 29th, Urubamba, Perú