Our writers

Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr

My parents called me Oliver when I finally entered this world, two weeks too late and thus changing Lion for Virgin.
One of my spiritual mothers, the spirit of the Rose, suggested to add the ‘Wyld Rose’ to my name and proudly I did so.

After a severe health breakdown in 2009 I changed my life and began from scratch. No more corporate films (which I had done successfully for 16 years), no more helping to sell products that people do not really need. But instead I filmed my first feature film, ‘The Big Black’ (2011) that leads the hero into ‘No man’s Land’.

The Big Black – How long will you let your soul burn?

Since 2015, together with my wife Tatjana, our daughter Bonnie and the two chihuahuas Yannik & Sherry, we – the Pegasus family – travel this beautiful planet, our home to tell stories. Stories on the fact that all life on this planet is our family. A family that we should treat with due respect & love

You Tube-channel “One planet. One family”

Our third documentary ‘Little Big Family’ on microorganisms will be out in March, 2020 while our book ‘Meine Engel sind grün’ had its German launch this December (2019).

Adrian Escobar

 I have chosen “seeker” to define myself in this bio.

Since adolescence I asked myself questions about different lifestyles and which would suit me.
I studied and practiced the engineering profession in fairly conventional companies. This experience reaffirmed my curiosity to explore the possibility of creating a more organic and authentic life path for me.

My search has taken me from the Peruvian jungle to the Great Wall of China, among other places. But above all, I have been guided to seek within myself. I would say that living an honest life and true to my nature is the main objective of my search.
My experiences have made me a disciple of Mother Nature, indigenous ancestral knowledge, music and prose. I also enjoy exercising and meditating.

Currently I am dedicated to collecting and telling stories through my camera, my notebook and my pens. In parallel, I am working on my first small documentary based on Andean wisdom which will be released in 2020.